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Construction and Packaging Service of virus Vector

Construction and Packaging Services of AAV

Large scale AAV production

Gene expression
Gene expression is the process of transforming the genetic information into a protein, which is widely uesd in gene function research. BrainVTA offers various solutions for gene expression though viral vectors. 


  •    Lentivirus
  •           ● High titer, >108 TU/mL
  •           ● High transduction efficiency.
  •           ● Self-inactivated LV.
  •           ●Suitable for in vivo and in vitro experiments.
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  •    AAVs
  •       ● High titer, ≥ 2×1012vg/ml
  •       ● 1000+ pre-made AAVs with different serotypes and promoters.
  •       ● 2000+ customized AAV services have beed offered.
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  •    HSV
  •           ● High titer, >108 IFU/mL
  •           ●Large DNA capacity(>5Kb)
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  •    CRISPR-Cas9 
  •         ● saCas9/spCas9-Knock In
  •         ● dCas9-activator
  •         ● AAV/LV
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         ● Competitive pricing
         ● Fast turnaround
         ● Stringent quality control processes
         ● Consulting service with experienced scientists
         ● A lot of ready-to-use vectors with a wide variety of promoters, selection markers, and reporters.
   Whole Delivery Formats
          ● Report
         ● Lentivirus or AAV virus.
   Success Story
        1. Neuron-specific menin deletion leads to synaptic dysfunction and cognitive impairment by modulating p35 expression.
        2. Interplay between α2-chimaerin and Rac1 activity determines dynamic maintenance of long-term memory.
        3. Endothelial Cdk5 deficit leads to the development of spontaneous epilepsy through CXCL1/CXCR2-mediated reactive astrogliosis.
        4. Locus coeruleus-CA1 projections are involved in chronic depressive stress-induced hippocampal vulnerability to transient global ischaemia.

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